Worried The Stair Climber Will Make Your Butt Bigger?

Or perhaps you want a larger behind and believe that spending time on the stair climber will yield this result.

I’m a personal trainer who uses the stair climber for my own workouts, and I also have my client use this machine – but not for changing the size our our butts. The stair climber will not give you a bigger butt. In fact, the main buttocks muscle, the gluteus maximus, actually works less when you go up steps, than if you were running fast or walking a steep incline.

This is because hip extension is minimized when climbing steps, but more emphasized when sprinting or walking a steep grade.

The gluteus maximus’s function is hip extension—when the leg extends out behind you. The hip joint is responsible for this action, and the gluteus maximus moves the hip joint to allow this.

Your next question might be if extending the leg out behind you, when using the stair climber, will make the butt bigger. Again, the answer is no. However, it will work more of the butt, due to this hip extension action.

Nevertheless, just because this taps into butt muscle, doesn’t mean this area will get bigger. It will get fitter and more toned if you do this enough, though this does not mean the gluteus maximus muscle will grow in size.

This is because using the stair climber with that extended leg after each step is an endurance-based activity that recruits only slow twitch muscle fiber.

Slow twitch is designed for long periods of activity. These fibers do not grow in size.
Find me one competitive sprinter who has a flat butt. Top sprinters have wonderfully developed glutes because their training is based on explosive, powerful movements—which recruit fast twitch muscle fiber, the kind that grows in size.

Hence, that area of their body shows the training well, though it’s also true that people who are genetically blessed with well-developed glute muscles are often naturally fast runners.

In summery, stair climber use, even with hip extension, will not give you a bigger butt.