Suffer with Body Wide Muscle Twitching? Here's Good News

Body wide muscle twitching can be terrifying if you’ve been doing too many Internet searches on this topic. Just typing in “cause of body wide muscle twitching” can bring up all sorts of sites devoted to a deadly neurological disease.

Don’t let the way that search engines work turn you into a nervous wreck, because that’s exactly what’s happening. 

Rankings in search engines are based on the wording of an article, as well as its title and subtitle, NOT what the most likely cause of body wide muscle twitching is!

Twitching all over your body is most likely caused by anxiety. If I wrote enough articles on anxiety as a cause of muscle twitching all over, I guarantee it, the first page of search results would have several of my articles—maybe they’d even bump the ALS results to the second page! 

Search results are not related to the most probable cause of a symptom. Keep reminding yourself of this  whenever your fear starts getting the best of you.

Frequent or ongoing twitching muscles is usually referred to as benign fasciculation syndrome. “Some people have benign fasciculation syndrome, which is just that – benign,” points out Daniel Kantor, MD, President-Elect of the Florida Society of Neurology (FSN); Medical Director of Neurologique, an organization dedicated to patient care, research and education.

“This means that even without an underlying muscle or nervous system disease, people sometimes have fasciculations,” Dr. Kantor continues. “While muscle twitching can be a concerning and disturbing symptom, many people have it simply as ‘one of those things,’ and in that case, it is nothing to worry about. Of course, you always want to clarify this with your primary care doctor or neurologist to exclude other, more serious, causes.” 

Body wide muscle twitching almost always begins focally. Here is the chain of events:
  • Local fasciculations start getting annoying.
  • Internet search to find out cause or remedy
  • ALS sites pop up on first page.
  • Fear sets in after reading ALS symptoms.
  • Twitching rapidly “spreads” throughout the body.
This is an unforgiving result of a psychological process. You can’t think this way; you can’t live this way; it will disrupt you and hold you hostage. This is similar to assuming you probably have colon cancer because you’ve had some diarrhea lately (do you realize how many benign conditions cause diarrhea?).

Anxiety can produce dozens of physical symptoms, and muscle twitching all over the body is one of them. But what caused the original, local fasciculation? Sometimes there is no known cause. Other times it’s fatigue, exercise, inadequate water intake or inadequate calcium, potassium or magnesium in the diet.