Causes of Foamy Urine Including Disease: Why Is It Fizzy?

Foamy urine can be caused by kidney disease, and there are other explanations as well. “Foamy urine is caused by excessive protein in the urine, which can result from a person’s diet or kidney disease," says Dr. Courtenay Moore, MD, urologist in the Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute at Cleveland Clinic.

“It can also occur while voiding rapidly, as foamy urine happens when urine mixes with air,” adds Dr. Moore.

Here are reasons to worry about this symptom:
The problem persists even after you’ve been voiding less rapidly. The foaminess can be from an excess of protein in the excrement, called proteinuria. 

Excess protein requires evaluation by a doctor, since this symptom can mean a serious kidney situation.

The issue can also be quite benign.
Occasional foamy urine is no cause for alarm. It may happen when you’ve been holding it in and then let it out rapidly all at once. 

Dehydration can make it even foamier. In the absence of disease, the fizzing and foaming should disappear with slower voiding and good hydration.

A high protein diet can also cause foamy excrement, if the proteins are not efficiently metabolized. Go lower on the protein intake and see what happens in the toilet bowl.

If the cause still remains a mystery, see a urologist.

Source: urinecolors.com

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